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"He is great, One of the best lawyer that I ever meet, and his services are always professional and affordable."

Prisciliano Martinez

"Excellent lawyer may God bless him and his entire team."

Nelson J. Rodríguez

"He is truly helpful, he's been my go to for about 4 years. Strongly recommend him."

Maria Lugos


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their immigration goals by providing high quality, ethically sound legal counsel, strategic advice and representation. We work with our clients to understand their situation, objectives, resolve current issues and anticipate and prevent future problems. We are fully committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services with excelence and focusing on communication, responsiveness, and attention to every detail so we can accomplish the best possible outcome.


Our vision is to be the best immigration law office in the Bay Area. We endeavor to build our Office’s reputation by satisfying each of our clients’ needs – one client, and one successful outcome, at a time. We will grow our team by selectively adding professionals who can bring a new, diverse and better approach to client satisfaction. The Law Office of Angel Rodriguez will be recognized as the Law Office which clients desire to hire, because our consistent, proficient team delivers an exceptional experience in immigration services.


Our fundamental values guide the way in which we interact with our clients. We are 100% client-focused and we effort to provide the best service and obtain the best outcome for our clients.

We value INTEGRITY in all aspects of our work and our lives. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest moral standards in our services, decisions, actions and communications.

We value INNOVATION and we keep on challenging ourselves to learn and grow. We welcome ideas, and new technologies and we also pursue changes that will enhance our Law Office and the services we provide to our valuable clients.

We value TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION and believe the synergy of our combined individual contributions will provide the best service to our clients and elevate the success we achieve.

We value COMMUNICATION and understand it is of great importance to our success. We are committed to timely, responsive, honest and respectful communication with our clients.

We value RESPONSIBILITY to our clients by managing budgets, reducing extraneous costs, adding value and fully meeting their needs. We value RESPONSIBILITY to each other to reduce unnecessary costs, work promptly and productively, and at all times uphold the image and reputation of our Law Office.

We value the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE and believe that in striving for excellence we will not only find success as a Law Office, but fulfillment as individuals.


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